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they began their final preparations for super bowl xlvii and upon arrival, their head coach, john harbaugh, he spoke with the media, and hi talked about what this trip mines to his time. >> this is pretty cool. this is pretty exciting. we're really excited to be higher. we're thrilled tbe here. on and a half of the baltimore ravens and the entire organization, the city, the grater baltimore air, maryland, ravens fansive where, we're proud to be participants in the super bowl. we're going to do our best to play our best in this game. >> and there are bigger story lines in the super bowl week. that means that sports and politics will now start to administration together. president barack obama was asked if he had a son, would he want his son to play football? will, the president had this response. and it seems quite simple. i'm a big football fan, says the president. but i have to tell you, if i had a son, i'd have to think long and hard before i let him play
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football. i think those of white house love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. now upon hearing that, head coach of the 49ers jim harbaugh, hi had quite a unique response today. >> will, i have a 4-month-old, almost soon to be 5-month-old son jack harbaugh, and president obama feels that way, then it will be a little less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets older. that's the first thing that jumps into my mind if other parents are thinking that way. but it's still early. jack is like i sid, only 5 months oiled. but old. he is a riley big kid. he has an enormous hid. >> what's his 40 time? >> he don't have a 40 on him yet, but his wingspan is plus one. as soon as he grows into the head, he is going to be
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something. >> reporter: day one of super bowl week. later on we'll have more coverage hiding up towards super bowl xlvii. plus, some news on the golden state warriors. they add a player, but may be subtracting one as well that will be in sports later on. reporting from just outside that mississippi river, i'm jim kozimor in new orleans for nbc bay area news. >> okay, thanks, jim. we'll see you in just a little bit. it seems a bay area sports bar is fiech featured in the "s illustrated" sports bar. it's a powerful message for lgbt sports fans. jean elle. >> it's called hi tops, a gay bar. and millions of "sports illustrated" riders will see that photo. and people who work and play
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here say it is a win for the community. the game is on. food is up. and drinks are strong. hi tops in san francisco's castro district is a sports bar with a twist. >> a lot of people that come in don't even i know that it's a gay sports bar. ands they the best part, you know. and then we find out we have that common bond. >> reporter: 49 irhans are bonding. the 49ers a spot in a super bowl. fans celebrating a kiss. hi top's owner says the coverage sends a winning message. >> sports fans come from all walks of life, and we're a great big melting pot here. and everyone can get along. >> to get that kind of recognition on that level, you know, it's nice to know that people are watching. >> reporter: bar tinder logan says it feels like a game changer. >> are you kidding? i already told my mom.
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>> on behalf of the entire 49ers organization. >> reporter: professional sports times are embracing lgbt fans. sports fan david henry says making sure everyone feels welcome at the stadium at the local bar should be part of the playbook. >> sexual identity can be a complicated issue for individuals. and i think the more prime minister in high profile positions can do their part to alleviate that transition, i think it's great. >> great for the fans who all want the same thing, a 49er super bowl victory. and hi tops is expecting a line out the door here on super bowl sunday. the player who has captured the best and worse for the past few dick cades.
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you can catch the reports on air and on our website at former offensive lineman quame harris is accused of biting up his. >> boyfriend. today the 30 year old harris pleaded not guilty. harris got into a fight with his ex-boyfriend last august in the parking lot of a menlo park parking lot. the ex-boyfriend says harris tried to pull his pants down. harris iran to told us his client was acting in self-defense. he was a first round draft pick. which also played for the raiders. he faces up to nine years in prison. this case will continue in april. will, it was bad enough when it was adults. sad when it was tierjne agers.
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the latest innocent to be hit, a first grader shot this afternoon, standing right outside of her east orange county land home. terry is live outside of police headquarters. it could have been worse for this little girl. >> far, far worse. it would only by chance that this 8 year old little was wasn't wounded. tonight it's also quit where the little girl was shot. uabout 2:45, flying through the windows and walls of this house. police say several people were getting out of the suv when a car load of people pulled up and they opened fire. only one person was hit. >> unfortunately, a young 8-year-old girl was shot in the leg. she suffered a nonlife threatening injury. >> reporter: mothers who live on
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this block could only cry or console. the woman facing us has a 5-year-old girl. the woman with her back to us has an 8-year-old boy. they did not want to show their face on camera for fear of retaliation. >> i'm very disturbed. it's upsetting that we can't have our kids outside to play like normal kids like in other neighborhoods. >> last wednesday or thursday, 10:00 in the morning, felt like it was right in front of my house. like a cannon fire. and that's crazy. we have kids. they were playing. i have kids that play in front all the time. they're not going to anymore. >> reporter: police chief howard jordan says his appearance at the crime scene today is designed to send a message. >> if my being out here sends a message that the department is taking it seriously, that i'm going to be out here every time that happens. >> reporter: jordan says violence in oakland will slow when witnesses start cooperating with investigators. the man who was living in this block for 30 years says he is not sure what the solution is. >> other than having a police officer on every corner around this neighborhood, this is not much you can do. maybe educate the people more. i don't know what to say.
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>> reporter: well, tonight, that 8-year-old girl is recovering from her ordeal. and police are looking for help from witnesses. but help from witnesses is something that police in this city have come to not expect. hive in oakland, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. the massive refinery fire has cost chevron $10 million so far. that's according to the report that chevron filed with contra costa county. that report was filed today it affected by the fire as well as area hospitals as well as local agencies. in the report, chevron says it's expanding testing to detect thinning pipes and increasing employee training to try to prevent similar accidents. the august 6th fire was caused by a corroded pipe. well, a woman who was just 17 years old when she was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave is telling her story. >> i don't know if you're going to come out alive.
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>> coming up, why experts say her story is far too common in the bay area. and a teenaged driving lesson goes very wrong in santa cruz when a father and son end up in the ocean. and the fight over hand-painted gnomes over in oakland tonight. why pg&e has decided to leave the gnomes alone. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. a little bit of cloud cover across the bay area. but we are currently seeing dry temperatures also dropping to close to the 30s in the north bay. we'll have details on some weekend warming, coming up in just a few minutes.
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it's a dark side of the bay area. the feds know about it. the attorney general knows about it, but does everyone else know about it? human trafficking in our own backyard. expert says the numbers are growing, and the crime is hitting nearly every local neighborhood. nbc's stephanie trong has the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a fun night out. spring break, 2008, when casey, just 17, was abducted by a man with whom she shared mutual friends. it happened right in front of a grocery store in the quiet suburb of el dorado hills. >> he basically got out a gun out from the center console and held it to my head. if you try to run, i'll kill you and your family. later that night, he raped me, and then the next morning, he took me to a hotel in rockland. and that's when he put an ad on
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craigslist for me and told me that i had to do this. >> reporter: this was the unimaginable. casey, who is developmentally disabled was forced to sell herself for sex with strangers. the man who kidnapped her pimped her out for a couple of days before driving her down to fremont. >> and that's when he sold me to these two guys that i guess are called gorilla pimps. >> known for being more violent and aggressive. they drugged and starved her. >> you don't know if you're going to come out alive. >> reporter: eight days later the fbi tracked her to a motel 6 in fremont. it's been five years, but the raw pain of nearly losing her child is too hard for vicky zito to shake off. >> and what i really clung to at that moment, because it was just too much, was that she was found alive, and she was on her way home. >> reporter: the countless other young girls are not home. >> when people hear me talk about human trafficking here in the bay area, they say oh, it
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doesn't happen here. >> reporter: betty anne with the bay area anti-trafficking coalition say victims have shifted in the last year or so to foreigners to americans. >> it is taking off in number. >> reporter: the fbi ranks san francisco one of the top places for human trafficking, and umbrella term for child labor, forced labor, domestic servitude and sex trafficking. san jose another city that tops that list with a lot of shady activity popping up in vietnamese coffee shops, massage parlors, back of dry-cleaner, even auto body shops. but it's not just big cities. >> we're talking about suspicious cases happening in the atherton and sayratogas. >> it's just coming out a pair of twins from hillsboro are victims of trafficking. >> they were found on craigslist being solicited for underaged prostitution. >> reporter: then there is child labor. sometimes it's families pulling kids out of school to work in places like restaurants. and forced laner from
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undocumented nannies and health workers to ag workers. human trafficking is the second most profitable enterprise, a $32 billion a year business. >> because instead of selling drugs once, you can sell a human over and over. >> reporter: who is the most vulnerable to this exploitation? >> in upwards of 60 to 70% of all domestic trafficking victims are foster care youth there is over 16,000 kids that disappear every year. >> reporter: many of them runaways. >> within 48 hours now, kids can actually be taken halfway around the world. >> reporter: it's a global crime being tackled here in the bay area. she is part of 50 local nonprofits to create the freedom summit here in fremont, the largest anti-human trafficking conference to date in the country. >> since the last conference, we've had people write books, move halfway around the world, join the fbi. >> our church began to care than both locally and globally. and we funded i think now up to $100,000. >> reporter: money that is helping to fight human trafficking both here and abroad.
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>> it really is another word for modern-day slavery. >> reporter: her perspective has been darkened. and as she struggled to rebuild her life, she is constantly plagued by fear. but other families are blind to the danger of human trafficking in their own backyard. >> when i see little kids walking home from school, i hate seeing that, because parents trust their kids to walk home, like down the street. it could happen within seconds. >> that phrase, you don't think it will ever happen. >> until it does, and you're too late. >> reporter: stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> as for the man who originally kidnapped and trafficked casey, he was convicted of using force and coercion to engage a 17-year-old in prostitution. he was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. it was a rough day for a
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16-year-old out for a driving lesson along with his father on the santa cruz wharf. he was with his dad and their dog when he hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, sending them all into the water. the dog swam to shore. the tow truck pulled their forerunner back into the pier. luckily no one was injured, but driving school might be next on the list for him. back to the red and gold. this is the first super bowl trip for most of the 49ers. the last time the niners were even in the super bowl, colin kaepernick was about 6 years old. but there is one member of the team that has seen it all. >> yes, he has. the good, the bad, the ugly, michael segaris has been with the niners for 40 years. what he sees, he shoots. our coverage from new orleans continues tonight. ♪ >> reporter: with the stage being set in new orleans and the players in place under the bright lights, there is a man just to the side of the stage capturing moments in time. 49ers team photographer michael
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zegaris, or the z man has been with the niners at each of the team's six super bowls. >> any time you're doing something where someone is leaving a mark or whether it's in sports or entertainment, you want to document it, because it's very fleeting. and even if it's three or four years in a row in the span of a lifetime, that's like this. >> reporter: as a documentarian, he has captured some of the team's most iconic images, and is alongside again with the niners looking to stay undefeated at the super bowl. >> in a way, it's like we've never left the glory days. >> reporter: and the legend of the z-man goes well beyond the six super bowls he spent with the team. it goes back to when he was a teenager growing up in the bay area. to be on the sidelines with the camera, he actually snuck in, creating photo passes that looked exactly like the ones issued by the team. always enterprising, he left bellarmine college prep for a football scholarship at george washington university, and worked as an aide on robert f. kennedy's presidential campaign
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before witnessing firsthand the assassination of a dream. with a new outlook, he returned to the bay area, and as a young adult made a name again with photography, but in the world of music. when bill walsh was hired as head coach, he pitched the idea of documenting the life and times of the team. he got the job. and now six super bowls later, is looking for the perfect moments. >> this is why i do what i do. to be in moments like this, in times like this, and kind of be in the vortex. that's what i love for. it doesn't get any better than this. >> reporter: with the niners in new orleans, i'm laurence scott. >> i've dealt with michael for years. he is a phenomenal -- >> wow, what a life he has had. >> it's great to see his vision through his lens. >> my goodness, what he has seen. that's amazing. let's turn things over to jeff. let's check in for the rest of the workweek. it's only just beginning. >> i know. it's just starting. we have some great weather come manage the forecast to kind of get everybody through the workweek. a look right now at the winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour that is kicking up waves 10
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to 12 feet. so do advise some caution if you're heading out to the waters for tomorrow. let's get you outside of that live hd sky camera network on this evening. and you can see it is clear here in san francisco. no fog to speak of. and for tomorrow morning, we're also looking at plenty of clear skies. here we go. high pressure continuing to build in out here offshore. and that's going to keep was some sunny weather for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, maybe even into saturday and sunday this upcoming weekend. so we're going to start off cold here with 30s and 40s. then by the afternoon hours, temperatures in the 60s and potentially even a few 70s coming our way by this week. so who has the best chance of getting some 70s? let's get a look here as we head into thursday. that looks like it's going to peek out. scots valley at 72. los gatos 69. half moon bay also at 66. it's really the santa cruz mountains that will have the core of some of the stronger offshore winds that will help things to warm up. otherwise, if you're headed to new orleans early for the super bowl, you do want to watch out. a risk of severe weather here
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for tuesday. scattered thunderstorms tuesday night, also into wednesday morning. highest risk of tornadoes will be central arkansas, also northern louisiana. but again, here for new orleans we're looking at the chance of thunderstorms in the forecast if you're headed that way. otherwise, temperatures in the mid to low 30s and for tomorrow we'll expect daytime highs in the low 60s. 61 in santa rosa. 59 in san jose. also 58 in livermore. on the two-day forecast, stays dry tuesday, wednesday and thursday. plenty of sunshine coming back into the mix with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. next monday, we'll look at a chance of showers back in the forecast. not a big storm system. but all in all, again here, it's going to be dry as we head throughout this super bowl sunday. so if you're doing any partying back here at home, you're going to have some sunny weather, and once again some severe weather, not only for our crews that are out there, but a lot of people heading from the bay area to new orleans tomorrow night. if you're one of the lucky ones
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headed there early, you definitely want to advise a little bit of caution. >> okay, thank you, jeff. >> thank you, jeff. a sideshow that brought a major bay area freeway to a stand still, coming up, what the chp is doing to find these drivers.
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well, the chp is on the hunt for drivers who turned 880 into a sideshow venue this weekend. >> i want to show you what it looked like. you can see the track marks right there. after several drivers decided to do burnouts on northbound 880 near the oakland coliseum right in the middle of the afternoon around 4:00, spinning cars blocked all the lanes of northbound 880, and the other people just stood around and recorded the chaos on their phones. the chp is now studying the video that was posted on youtube, hoping to identify the suspects and some of those license plates too. in need of a serious break, the bay to breakers is scrambling to find financial backing for this year's race. zazzle dropped out after it
11:24 pm
apparently couldn't find common ground. bay to breakers costs about a million dollars each year, much of it going to clean up after participants who don't really run, but take their time and even walk and drink all the way to golden gate park. whether they find a primary backer or not, race organizers say the 102nd annual foot race will be held may 19th, rain or shine. we're back in a moment from new orleans. stay with us.
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good evening, everyone, i'm jim kozimor from here in new orleans, as we all get ready for sunday's super bowl xlvii. and what a ride it's been for the san francisco 49ers, winners of the nfc crown. along the way, you always have a little bit of drama. but with drama sometimes means stars emerge. and that means you've got heroes. one such hero for the 49ers, that happened to be aldon smith.
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he recorded 19 and a half sacks in the season, just shy of michael strahan's record of 22 and a half. the team awarded him for his efforts by giving him a very big compliment. >> aldon has had a tremendous year for us, a tremendous two years for our football team. as players, players and coaches voted aldon as our most valuable player this past year. i think that speaks volumes for the kind of impact that he had on our team. >> you've got guys on this team that are all stars, that have made pro bowls consecutively. you have patrick willis, vernon davis, frank gore. man, i can go on. and i come in my second year and i get the mvp. that means a lot. >> as for one of the 49ers' other smiths, al that alex smith did to lose his starting job this season was suffer a concussion in a game against st. louis. many players might turn their
11:28 pm
backs on their teams in that situation, but not alex, who has earned the praise of his head coach. >> another person really to credit in colin's success, because alex has really helped coach colin. he has been right there at his side, sitting in the meetings every single day. and he coaches colin now more than i do. and that speaks volumes for the kind of person and teammate that alex smith. all right. let's move to hoops now. for the golden state warriors, they're in toronto taking on the raptors. good news, andrew bogut playing in his first game since november 7th. he finished with 12 points, eight rebounds, four blocked shots there was some bad news, though, for the warrior fans out there. steph curry went down in the third quarter after twisting his right ankle. he did not return to action in the fourth. the warriors did get their first
11:29 pm
win on a road trip, 114-102. coming up on tuesday, full coverage from new orleans as we prepare for super bowl xlvii with the 49ers and ravens. it will all start with nbc bay news in the morning. ahmed fareed will have shows throughout the day from right here, right outside the mississippi river that will do it for this evening's sports. more nbc bay area news is on the way.
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gnomes rejoice. pg&e officials have decide they'd won't evict thousand of gnomes nestling on utility poles. pg&e says it was concerned the screws holding the signs compromised the integrity of the poles. after lots of public outrage, the utility decided to declare the poles gnome-man's land. get it? and the avoid the fury of the mischief figurines. >> so the gnomes would cause the
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poles to fall down? >> you know, they can be mean, those gnomes. bye-bye.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- catherine zeta-jones, from the "today" show, advertising expert donny deutsch, the music of lady antebellum, and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have you all here. well, the -- this is awards season in hollywood and the screen actors guild awards were held last night. look -- pretty impressive. three -- three of the top-acting awards went to the guy who hoaxed manti te'o. three of the awards. >> rickey: wow. >> jay: it was amazing. [ laughter ] well, it looks like there's been yet another bizarre twist in the whole manti te'o scandal. katie couric played a tape of the fake girlfriend, you know, who was talking to him the whole time? turns out it was beyonce lip-synching. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] yeah.

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